Is Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces Safe for Kids and Pets

Is Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces Safe for Kids and Pets

Is Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces Safe for Kids and Pets

You deserve peace of mind whenever your kids play around the children’s playground. Artificial grass could be the answer as it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Natural grass is gradually being replaced by artificial grass throughout UK playgrounds. For example, educational institutions such as schools, universities and childcare facilities like daycare centres and child care centres. Additionally, dog shelters are increasingly turning to it as an option. Modern synthetic grass is so lifelike that you may have overlooked some of these installations in your neighbourhood.

By itself, this should tell you how safe it is, but we recognize that expectations are pretty high as a parent or pet owner. As the well-being of your and pets comes first. Therefore, let’s talk about what makes the most remarkable artificial grass a safe option for the entire family and our animal pals!

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Playground

Artificial grass is pleasant to walk on.

The artificial grass of the finest quality will resemble and feel like natural grass. It’s luxurious, plush, and gentle on delicate skin. In addition, the installation operation clears the yard of most of the debris. It will remove grass seeds, jagged stones, and other hazards that could potentionally injure feet. This means synthetic playground grass provides a safe and comfortable environment for every dog and child to play in all day!

Artificial grass is pest-free for children and pets

Summertime brings with it the threat of mosquito bites. The presence of pests and insects on a lawn is simply a question of time if you have healthy grass. Children and pets are better protected from bugs when they play on synthetic grass. It’s simple: they won’t locate any food, drink, or shelter on artificial grass since it’s not there.

artificial grass is non-toxic

First and foremost, high-quality playground grass is constructed from materials that are both safe and lead-free. You will never have to worry about pesticides, herbicides, or weedkillers being used on a synthetic playground again! There’s also no need to fertilize it with chemicals. As a result, there is no danger of your pet or children being ill due to being in contact with these toxic substances. The best part is that your grass will remain evergreen and lush even if fertilizer is not present.

Artificial grass lawn has anti-bacterial protection

When parents and pet owners learn about grass anti-bacterial properties, they are often taken aback by the revelation. When used as a playground surface, it helps to keep microorganisms at bay. Additionally, it keeps your pet and youngster from trailing them all over your house once they have finished playing in the yard. This safety surface feature not only helps to keep your lawn clean but also helps to keep your home cleaner and safer.

Playground artificial grass is non-slip when wet.

How often have you slipped on damp grass? A slip on a wet natural lawn might result in catastrophic injury. Pets and children are in greater danger. However, artificial grass is not slippery when wet. So it’s perfect for pool surrounds and other water features. It also dries down rapidly due to the efficient drainage system. 

Artificial grass is a tough playing surface.

Children are undeniably playful. So you can let them stomp, jump, run, and play on artificial grass without worrying about any damage. On the other hand, dogs love digging holes in the earth, it is their passion! This will inevitably cause dips, ruts, and other injuries on natural grass which will increase the risk of trips and falls, not to mention turning your yard into an ugly mess. That won’t happen in a artificial field. Dogs can’t dig through it or pull the fibres out. No amount of tumbling or jumping will harm artificial grass.

Artificial Grass is the best Playground Surface.

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