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Artificial Grass Lawn Installation Ramsbottom

Artificial Grass Lawn Installation Ramsbottom

Everlong Artificial Lawns Ramsbottom is a quality installation not a cheap alternative. The old adage that preparation is everything, is key to an artificial lawn being laid. Short cuts may reduce cost, or even with some not to be trusted installers, their short cut to more profit. At Everlong Artificial lawns Ramsbottom we are not interested in beating a competitors price, we are only interested in giving you our customer the best value money lawn that you can afford.

Artificial Lawns come in various qualities and look. We help you choose the right style of lawn for your own specific needs. If you have pets such as a cat or dog, we need to be mindful of pet pee can leave odours that you do not want. Unlike real turf, artificial grass won’t die when a cat or dog pees on it consistently. Dog and Cat urine drains away just like the rain does. Dog faeces need to be cleaned up, and the residue is just washed away with a bucket and water or hosepipe. But that’s not all. Unless the lawn is laid in a specific way, with the right foundation and weed bed, lawns can be left smelling and unpleasant. Everlong Artificial Lawns guide you in how to look after your lawn to keep it perfect year after year.

It might sound daft to the uninitiated, however sometime we need to put the weed bed just below the artificial grass and a bed of compacted sand and gravel, sometime we need to add a layer of pet granules to swoop up the odour. At times we may have to lay the weed bed below the compacted sand and gravel as to leave more drainage space. Either way at Everlong Artificial Lawns Ramsbottom , we know best…. Local Service caring for our customers.

Heavy duty lawns need to be laid for children to play sport and have fun on, more sand may have to be brushed into the surface of the lawn to assist resilience wear and tear and keep the lawn looking at its best. At Everlong Artificial Lawns we don’t just offer a price and leave you in the dark, we care that you know what we are doing, how we are installing the layers of resurface, we want you to know why we take out so much old turf to start with.

Edging your lawn is particularly important, we at Everlong Artificial grass let you know that securing the edge of your lawn is vital to longevity, we may use treated wood edging for a reason, plastic or metal options are available with concrete brick or other building materials to edge against. But it is vital you not just look at the finish picture, but know that the structure of an Everlong Artificial Lawn is laid to last.

We teach you how to look after your lawn, we even point you in the right direction to purchase a powered lawn rake or a cheaper manual option. Everlong Artificial Lawns leave nothing to risk, we hold your hand all the way and give great aftersales support.

Everlong Artificial Lawns Ramsbottom …. Local Service caring for our customers

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