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Crystal Chandelier Repair

Crystal Chandelier Repair

Your chandelier is one of the focal points of your home. If it is in disrepair or has any broken pieces it can look shabby. The best way to fix your fixture is with high quality crystal chandelier repair. This type of repair can is best accomplished by a professional. A chandelier is made up of many pieces of crystals. The pieces are each attached to the chandelier, sometimes forming an elaborate pattern. If one piece becomes damaged, loosened or goes missing it can ruin the appearance of the entire fixture.

Crystal Chandelier Repair

Crystal chandelier repair can restore the beauty of your fixture. Each piece of crystal should be inspected to determine whether there is any damage. Small cracks or chips can be repaired to bring the object back to its original appearance. If some pieces have fallen off the fixture they can be reattached. Every part of the chandelier should be examined to ensure that the connections are secure and that nothing is loose. If so, these areas can be repaired.

Any broken or chipped crystals can be fixed by a professional. Repairs can be made so that the crystals appear as good as new. Sometimes a new piece of crystal must replace a missing piece. This needs to be done by an expert because it is important for the replacement to have the exact same appearance as the originals. Remember that one of the most important features of a chandelier is how the light catches on the various shaped crystals on the fixture. These same shapes need to be replicated on any replacement pieces.

Examining Your Chandelier

When you need to get professional crystal chandelier repair you will need to remove the fixture from its position. This needs to be done carefully so that no further damage occurs. Each of the crystals should be properly cleaned so they can be more closely examined. There could be small cracks or chips that are not immediately apparent.

Pack up the chandelier using paper and bubble wrap. Each crystal should be wrapped separately to avoid damage. Then, place the entire chandelier in a protective box and bubble wrap. Each connection of the crystals has to be checked to determine that it is secure. If anything is loose it has to be properly attached using the original materials when possible.

Getting your crystal chandelier repaired is something that should be done to restore it to its original beauty. Don’t get rid of a chandelier simply because it has some damage. Some vintage chandeliers are available when they are removed from buildings during renovations. These often require at least some restoration work to bring back their original luster and value. Antique crystals can also be repaired by a professional if they have become damaged over time. Vintage chandeliers should be completely cleaned, examined for damage and repaired before you install them.

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