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Jet Wash Oldham

Jet wash drives, patio’s, decking, walls and pots -Oldham

At Everlong Jet Wash we endeavour to use pure water under high press to clean your driveway, block paving, concrete pathways, decking, garden pots and much more. We try our utmost not to use chemicals unless really necessary, as in most case powered water is the ideal solution. Through Autumn and Winter pathways, patios and walls become green, house mould and generally become discoloured and ugly, decking becomes dangerous with slippery surfaces. We at Everlong Jet Wash remove ugly & unsightly green moss and mould from walls around the garden and your house, even pots garden ornaments and statues can come up like new.

Jet Wash Oldham

Freshen up the surroundings of your house by choosing our pressure washing services! We are equipped in a professional pressure washer with adjustable pressure to make sure the force is suitable to the surface being cleaned. Pressure washing, sometimes called power washing, not only gives a fantastic new-like results but can save you the worry and cost of having to re-paint or replace the object.

We know the importance of improving the appearance of external areas of your property. Both commercial and domestic customers are enjoying the benefits of our pressure washing services.
We’ve tackled jobs from small patios to large office buildings and block driveways. We have a range of equipment to tackle these areas efficiently & safely and can remove all sorts of stubborn dirt. Moss, algae, traffic film are no match for our tailored pressure washing solutions

Are you a Landlord/Property Owner? Our service can dramatically improve the appearance of your property thereby maximising the potential of your asset. If you are preparing to sell or looking to rent, call us to see how we can help.

Jet wash drives, patio’s, decking, walls and pots Oldham

DRIVEWAY, BLOCK PAVING, CONCRETE PATHS – Remove grime from your block paved driveway and bring it back to life and good lucks with simply, the power of water and a little hard work.

WOODEN DECKING & COMPOSITE DECKING – At times you may consider your decking looks like it needs replacing, but with Everlong Jet Wash and the power of we make it look as nearly new.

PATIOS/ SLABBING – Rejuvenate your patio to that nearly new look, bring your concrete slabs or pathways back to as just laid condition and even your walls may need smartening up.

CONSERVATORY CLEANING – Cleaning conservatory roofing is very difficult without the right equipment, even dangerous at times, we jet wash roofs, windows, soffits and guttering.

GRAFFITI REMOVAL – In today’s society we sometimes come across people who want to spoil what we have. Be it graffiti to walls or fencing, we have the power to clean.

SIMPLE MAINTENANCE – You may want a hedge removing, or large plants taking out or moving across your garden, a wall repair or fence painting, we will consider any task and quote your on an hourly, half day or day rate basis. Materials may be required which are itemised in your final bill.

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